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Clifford va a la escuela

Clifford va a la escuela
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When Emily Elizabeth brings young Clifford to class, he wants to do everything the students are doing, but eager puppies can't always do things as well as big kids can, and Clifford makes messes left and right. Still, he has a great time, and the kids love playing with him. The book's fresh and funny look at a typical classroom scene is sure to make children smile and inspire confidence in new students, who will see that if this little puppy can do well at school, they can too. Series Information: With his larger-than-life stories and his huge heart, Clifford the Big Red Dog has entertained children since 1963. Though he began as a tiny puppy, Clifford grew into the biggest dog around, and he and his owner, Emily Elizabeth, have lots of adventures together. Incorporating simple, colorful illustrations and fun-to-read stories into a range of formats, from board books to beginning readers, the Clifford series appeals to a variety of ages. It's no wonder Clifford is Scholastic's reading mascot; he's so often a child's very first reading friend.



  • Дата выпуска 1999
  • Количество страниц 32
  • Артикул 161305

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