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Oxford Mini School German Dictionary

Oxford Mini School German Dictionary
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The Oxford Mini School German Dictionary is the perfect bilingual dictionary for pupils learning German. The two sides of the dictionary are clearly divided into German-English and English-German, with an essential verb table list in the centre with essential English translations for the different tenses. The headwords are carefully selected to suit beginners, and particular attention is given to computing, word-processing, and ICT terms. In line with curriculum requirements, there is a special section dedicated to vocabulary and phrases on German life and culture. The simple layout, the alphabet down the side of each page, and the clear print will help pupils navigate around the dictionary and take them straight to the translation they are looking for. This dictionary comes in a handy mini-size format with a new eco-friendly binding, perfect for school bags and for taking on holiday. For downloadable fun activities in German, go online to the www.oxforddictinaries.com website.



  • Дата выпуска 2012
  • Количество страниц 649
  • Артикул 173493


  • Размер (мм) 118x87x35
  • Цвет Синий
  • Тип бумаги Газетная бумага
  • Вес (г) 176
  • Тип переплёта Инт

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